German-Iranian DJ voted among BBC’s Women of the Year 2023

German-Iranian DJ voted among BBC’s Women of the Year 2023

The BBC has published its 100 Women of the Year list for 2023. Among Amal Clooney and Gloria Steinem sits Iranian-German DJ, Paramida.

German-Iranian DJ voted among Women of the Year

Growing up between Frankfurt and Tehran, German-Iranian DJ, Paramida has become known for psychedelic mixes and her residency at the infamous Panorama Bar at Berghain in Berlin.

Now she’s made it into a list that sees her flanked by the likes of Gloria Steinem and America Ferrera; the BBC’s Women of the Year list 2023.

The artist, who also lives in Berlin and runs the city's notable record label Love on the Rocks, has done multiple residencies at BBC Radio One, at Berlin’s Hör and on German public broadcast TV channels.

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Paramida calls BBC nomination a personal milestone.

The title “exceeds any kind of music-related milestone in my life,” the DJ wrote in an Instagram post responding to the nomination. 

“Some might know that it’s been an extremely rough year for me, but I learned a lot about myself and the music industry. I never played by the industry’s rules, but it made me move forward with my own values and vision,” she concluded, adding a thanks to her supporters.

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