German rappers dominate in Spotify Wrapped 2021

German rappers dominate in Spotify Wrapped 2021

Every year, Spotify presents a rundown of people’s listening habits over the past 12 months - both individual users and whole countries. According to Spotify Wrapped 2021, German rap artists were particularly popular in the federal republic last year, with Bonez MC taking the top spot. 

Germany’s Spotify Wrapped 2021

The holidays are the season for stock of the year just passed - and every year streaming platform Spotify gives its users a summary of their favourite songs and artists from the past 12 months, letting them look back on their listening habits over the last year. 

While everyone’s music taste is - of course - unique, there are some songs that come up time and again on people’s playlists. In Germany, German-language music proved to be popular in 2021, with two of the top five most played songs in Germany being produced by German artists. Rap is also still very popular in Germany - the three top artists in the federal republic in 2021 make rap music. 

Germany’s top male and female artists on Spotify in 2021

German rappers - many of them from Berlin - dominate the list of the top male artists in Germany in 2021: 

  • 1. Bonez MC
  • 2. Luciano
  • 3. Capital Bra
  • 4. RAF Camora
  • 5. Samra

A German artist secured the top spot on the female list, but the rest of the names were international artists: 

  • 1. LEA
  • 2. Billie Eilish
  • 3. Taylor Swift
  • 4. Dua Lipa
  • 5. Olivia Rodrigo

The 5 most played songs in Germany in 2021

These five songs were on repeat on German sound systems in 2021:

  • 1. Without You, by KASIMIR1441, badmómzjay and WILDBWOYS
  • 2. Friday (feat. Mufasa & Hypeman) - Dopamine Re-Edit, by Riton
  • 3. STAY (feat. Justin Bieber), by The Kid LAROI
  • 4. Madonna, by Bausa and Apache 207
  • 5. Summer Thunderstorm, by Pashanim


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