Majority of Germans support a ban on advertising alcohol

Majority of Germans support a ban on advertising alcohol

Everyone knows that Germans love beer. But according to the results of a recent poll by the German government’s drug czar, they don’t want anyone to tell them to love it.

Over half of Germans would ban alcohol ads

59 percent of people in Germany would support completely banning advertisements for alcohol such as beer, wine and spirits. That is according to a recent representative survey organised by German government drug czar, Burkhard Blienert (SPD).

Of those asked, 76 percent of the 1.400 survey respondents said that they would also support adding dissuasive warnings on alcohol bottles, similar to those that already exist on cigarette packaging. Unlike many other countries, advertising tobacco products is still legal and common in Germany.

Could alcohol get more expensive in Germany?

Despite significant Döner inflation in recent months, the ingredients for a good night out earlier on in the evening have remained relatively stable in price. In February, Warsteiner beer went up in price, but it is still possible to get a not-half-bad hoppy refreshment with just the loose change in your pocket.

Currently, Germany has a particularly low tax on alcohol, but all that could change. According to the survey, 50 percent of respondents would also support raising the price of alcoholic beverages in the federal republic, so as to match the European averages. Blienert also told Süddeutsche Zeitung that spirits should no longer be sold beside supermarket checkouts and marketed as a “grab and go” shopping item.

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