Next heatwave on its way to Germany: 7 days of up to 36 degrees

Next heatwave on its way to Germany: 7 days of up to 36 degrees

This week may have got off to a fairly dreary start, but don’t pack away your swimsuits yet, because there’s more hot weather on the horizon - and this time it’s sticking around for longer! Depending on where you are, the thermometer might even surpass the 36-degree mark.

Next heat wave heading for Germany

The next heat wave is heading for Germany. It will begin on Wednesday and last “a little longer”, according to the German Weather Service (DWD). Things start fairly slow, with temperatures on Wednesday lingering somewhere between 25 and 29 degrees across the whole county, perhaps even as high as 30 degrees. Then, in the following days, it’s going to get hotter. 

Thursday looks set to be a day full of sunshine, and the hot, sunny weather will continue to dominate right through the weekend and into the following week, with at least seven days of 30-plus degrees forecast, according to the DWD’s latest predictions. In Germany, a “heat wave” is defined as three consecutive days where the temperature exceeds 30 degrees.

This week and the next: Hot days and tropical nights

Thursday will be warm, dry and sunny, with temperatures between 28 and 34 degrees in the west and the southeast, and 24 to 28 degrees along the coast. The sultry temperatures will continue into Friday, which looks set to be hot and dry, with highs between 27 and 35 degrees. It will cool a little at nighttime, but those in central Germany should prepare for a tropical night of at least 22 degrees. Time to crack the fan out!

Saturday, Sunday and Monday will continue this trend - it’s going to be hot, dry and sunny as the temperature hovers between 30 and 37 degrees. According to the forecast, the sweltering weather might even continue beyond Monday. DWD is currently predicting maximum values of up to 35 degrees right through until Thursday, August 13, as well as warm, tropical nights. Who knows how long this heat wave will last?



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