Sunny weekend ahead with 26 degrees forecast in Germany

Sunny weekend ahead with 26 degrees forecast in Germany

Thank goodness for that! After rather too many days of rain and wind, the German weather will finally bless us with some sunshine and warmth. It could even hit 26 degrees in some parts of the country this weekend! 

Wet start to the weekend in Germany

According to the German Weather Service (DWD), Friday will start wet, with scattered heavy showers and some thundery gusts forecast in most parts of the country. But the rain shouldn’t stick around for long in the South, where the sun will quickly begin to gain ground. 

The temperature could even reach 22 degrees around the Upper Rhine and Alpine foothill regions. In North Germany, it will be cloudier and rainier, but even there an upward tick in the temperature will be perceptible.

Golden autumn weather this weekend

Saturday is very much a picture of two halves, with long hours of sunshine and summer temperatures of up to 25 degrees in the South, and changeable weather in the North. Here, the temperature will be somewhere in the region of 17 to 22 degrees - balmy compared to what we’ve been having recently! 

On Sunday, things get even better with the DWD predicting highs of 20 to 25 degrees for the whole country, excluding the extreme northern coastal regions. There will be some cloud cover, but a brisk wind will mean that the sun has plenty of chances to poke his head through from time to time! Ahoy there, sun and blue skies! How we’ve missed you. 



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