[Video] 20 must-eat foods at German Christmas markets

[Video] 20 must-eat foods at German Christmas markets

What do you go to German Christmas markets for? Presents? Yes. Glühwein? Obviously. But most of all - it’s got to be about the food

Eating the way around German Christmas markets

From Reibekuchen and Bratwurst to Schmalzkuchen and Kӓsespӓtzle, Christmas markets across Germany are known to boast a glorious array of traditional German dishes and regional specialities. Apart from soaking up the festive atmosphere, a big part of the fun of visiting a Weihnachtsmarkt is sampling all of the tempting treats on offer, both sweet and savoury. 

But with so many different stalls to choose from - and only so many hours in the day - it can be hard to know which dish to choose. Join YouTubers Deana and Phil as they visit multiple different markets and sample a few staple food items. 

Video: YouTube / Deana and Phil

What’s your favourite food to eat at a German Christmas market? Let us know in the comments below!



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