World’s most illegal beer goes on sale in Berlin

World’s most illegal beer goes on sale in Berlin

The world’s “most illegal beer” is now on sale in Berlin’s bars and Spätis. Don’t panic, it’s still in line with the Reinheitsgebot.

World’s most illegal beer brewed in Berlin

Eating the spiciest crisp in the world, being awarded chunks of ham for virility and only changing its underwear once a week, German masculinity will stop at nothing to demonstrate its resilience. 

But only now will it meet its match, as the world’s most illegal beer hits the shelves of Berlin’s Spätis and begins flowing from the taps of its bars. But wait, what’s that on the label? A vulva? Surely not!

The brainchild of the Austrian beer brand Muschikraft (literally Pussy Power), the world’s most illegal beer is now being brewed in Berlin. It only contains 5,1 percent alcohol, so what makes it so lawless? The drink is produced, transported and delivered by women, meaning its production process breaks various laws in over 50 countries.

Women brewing Berlin beer break laws in over 50 countries

Working in a brewery with yeast, producing alcohol, wearing tight, low-cut jeans, driving trucks, lifting and carrying heavy beer and working night shifts are among existing laws around the world that are being broken at the brewery in Berlin-Wedding. Many of the employees hail from countries where one or more of these laws is currently in place, including Uruguay, Lebanon, Italy, Russia and Nigeria.

But, “wherever you go, you will see that we are far removed from gender equality,” Muschikraft founder Sophie Tschanett explained in a video introducing the beer, stressing that ongoing sexism in Europe should also be subject to scrutiny. “The UN report estimates that at the current rate of change, legal equality for women could take 300 years to achieve,” Tschanett added, “I don’t have 300 years.”

To find out more about the beer and where you can take your first sip of the forbidden elixir, head to the website.

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