Emergency numbers & Emergency services in Germany

Emergency numbers & Emergency services in Germany

Experiencing an emergency can be a stressful situation, no matter where you are. Hopefully, you’ll never need them, but it’s important to learn about how the emergency services in Germany work.

Emergency numbers in Germany: 112 & 110

There are two main emergency numbers in Germany: 112 & 110. As with many European countries, calling the emergency number 112 in Germany will get you through to the fire brigade and ambulance services (but not the police!) If you urgently need the police in Germany, the number you need is 110.

German police

Law enforcement in Germany is controlled by the individual federal states. The police in Germany fulfil a number of functions, including maintaining public order, investigating crimes and protecting Germany’s borders.

Police number in Germany

The emergency number for the police in Germany is 110 (this is different to a lot of EU countries). In the case of non-emergencies, you can contact the local police force in your federal state.

Medical emergencies in Germany

If you need an ambulance, you can call 112. For different types of medical emergencies, there are other procedures to follow. Find out what you should do in the case of a medical emergency.

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