86-year-old German man chases suspected burglar away with frying pan

86-year-old German man chases suspected burglar away with frying pan

An 86-year-old man from the German town of Weil-am-Rhein made short work of getting rid of an unwanted guest last week, grabbing a frying pan and chasing the suspected burglar out of his house. 

German man chases alleged burglar with a frying pan

Last Monday, the man in question - who lives in a retirement complex in the small southwestern town in Baden-Württemberg - had his doorbell rung by a man he did not know, 20 Minuten reports. After he opened the door, the stranger stepped straight inside his apartment and began looking around. 

Due to language barriers, the two were apparently unable to converse, and the man began to suspect him of being a burglar. In order to get rid of him, he had the presence of mind to grab a frying pan and chase him out of the apartment. According to the police, luckily nothing was stolen. 

Suspected burglar was carrying a bunch of flowers

A police spokesperson said that other retirees in the complex also had their doorbells rung on the same night. The alleged burglar was said to be between 20 and 30 years old and wearing dark clothes. The strangest detail of the whole case is that he was apparently carrying a bunch of flowers the entire time. Maybe he was just looking for a vase… 

Authorities have warned people in the area to remain vigilant and to not let strangers enter their homes. 



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