German TV tax: Rundfunkbeitrag could increase from 2021

German TV tax: Rundfunkbeitrag could increase from 2021

German TV tax: Rundfunkbeitrag could increase from 2021

An expert commission has recommended that the German TV tax (Rundfunkbeitrag) rise by 86 cents to 18,36 euros per month, starting in January 2021. 

Commission recommends increasing Rundfunkbeitrag

On Thursday, the Commission for the Determination of the Financial Needs of the Broadcasting Institutions (KEF) handed over a report containing this recommendation to the federal states, who will have final say on the matter. 

The tax, which currently amounts to 17,50 euros per month, is the main source of income for public broadcasters like ARD, ZDF and Deutschlandradio. In April 2015, it was reduced from 17,98 euros to 17,50 euros per month. As a rule, decisions about the tax are made every four years, with the next subscription period due to begin in 2021. 

States must agree to the increase

Presenting the report to the chairman of the State Broadcasting Commission, KEF chairman Heinz Fischer-Heidlberger said that he was convinced the increase in the licence fee would ensure adequate funding for public service broadcasters in Germany. He appealed to the states to implement the increase as soon as possible.

The states will now have to take up the matter at their conference in Berlin on March 12. For the change to be implemented, all of the state premiers, as well as their respective parliaments, will have to agree to the increase. 

In 2018, the license fee brought in approximately 8 billion euros. The commission expects a similar income in 2019. 



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