Rhine Express: New shuttle boat service could soon connect German cities

Rhine Express: New shuttle boat service could soon connect German cities

The Dutch “Waterbus” transport model could soon be translated into a new Rhine transport strategy, with ferry shuttle services between major cities on the River Rhine, including Cologne, Duisburg and Düsseldorf.

Proposals are being drawn up to actualise the vision

Discussions have been taking place between local government and Rhine regional actors to create the “Rhine Express”, a shuttle ferry service that would take in eight stops between Cologne in the south and Duisburg in the north. The idea is to reduce commuter traffic, offer a new option for public transport, and provide an environmentally-friendly alternative to driving between cities. 

Parliamentary group leader Rolf Tups (CDU) told the German newspaper Bild that “if the region wants to achieve its goal of being climate-neutral by 2035, the shift from commuter traffic to buses, trains, bicycles and the Rhine is an important component."

Tups also stated that State Transport Minister Hendrik Wüst (CDU) had welcomed the proposals, and added that he was planning to meet with Wüst to talk more about the project soon.

The Waterbus has already been a great success in the Netherlands

The Waterbus transport firm in the Netherlands has already had great success with its shuttle services, the model upon which the Rhine Express is based. 

The transport company transports more than 1,9 million passengers each year, allowing tourists and commuters alike to travel across the canals of Rotterdam and Dordrecht.

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