Stephan E. confesses to murder of politician Walter Lübcke

Stephan E. confesses to murder of politician Walter Lübcke

Stephan E. confesses to murder of politician Walter Lübcke

Three weeks after the murder of politician Walter Lübcke, the prime suspect Stephan E. is said to have confessed to the crime. He claims he acted alone, but authorities are continuing to investigate the possibility of accomplices. 

Stephan E. surprises police with confession

Attorney General Peter Frank confirmed on Wednesday morning that Stephan E. had confessed to shooting and killing Kassel district president Walter Lübcke. Apparently, E. surprised everyone on Tuesday night by suddenly requesting a conversation with the German police. Up until this point, he had remained resolutely silent.

According to Spiegel, E. told officers that his act was retaliation for Lübcke’s remarks about refugees back in October 2015. During a debate on German asylum policy, at which E. was present, Lübcke remarked: “You have to stand up for values, and anyone who does not represent these values can leave this country at any time if they do not agree.”

Suspect claims to have acted alone

He claims he acted alone and had no accomplices. A further search at E.’s residence yesterday turned up plenty of new evidence. However, the murder weapon has not, as of yet, been found. After his confession, E. was apparently unwilling to provide any further information.  

The police, however, have evidence that other perpetrators are involved and are also investigating links to the wave of death threats sent to prominent politicians in Germany over the past months. Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, therefore, stressed that “the investigation of this political murder is not yet complete.”

Murder of Walter Lübcke was a “political assassination”

Walter Lübcke was shot to death during the night of June 2 on the terrace outside his home in Wolfhagen, Hesse. On June 15, the police announced that DNA evidence had led to the arrest of 45-year-old Stephan E., and he has remained in custody ever since. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office has classified the crime as a political assassination with right-wing extremist intent. 

Stephan E. has a history of violent crimes, often against refugees and ethnic minorities. In 1995, he was convicted of an attempted bomb attack on a refugee shelter near Wiesbaden and sentenced to six years in prison. He was a regular court attendee in subsequent years, brought in several times to answer to racially-motivated crimes. His connection to the militant neo-Nazi group Combat 18 is currently being investigated. 



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