[Video] Fun Facts about Christmas in Germany

[Video] Fun Facts about Christmas in Germany

It’s a well-known fact that Germans love Christmas. On any normal, coronavirus-free year the country would be festooned with Christmas lights and tinsel, city streets and Weihnachtsmarkt would be packed as people take in and enjoy the holidays.

Did you know this about Christmas?

While we can’t enjoy a normal Christmas this year, we can still try and get into the festive spirit as best we can, and what better way to do that than with some fun Christmas facts? For example, did you know that one-third of the population eats potato salad and sausages on Christmas Eve? Or that the Germans’ favourite Christmas tree is the Nordmann fir?

Check out these fun German Christmas facts below, after all, there is nothing like a good Christmas factoid to bring in the festive spirit!

William Nehra


William Nehra

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