[Video] 5 uniquely German things Americans have never seen

[Video] 5 uniquely German things Americans have never seen

History has a funny way of bringing people and cultures together. In Germany, you will find a lot of different aspects of American culture. Similarly, there are many aspects of German culture you can find in the US. But what about the unique aspects of German culture that you can’t find abroad?

German things that can’t be found in America

There are some things that are so uniquely German, almost fundamental to German society and culture, that it might come as quite a shock to many Germans to learn that foreigners have never heard of them before. The Ordnugsbehörde, for example, is a municipal level law enforcement agency… so just the police, right?

No, the Ordnugsbehörde is a unique, German organisation that oversees the protection of public order. This is far from the only example of things unique to German society and culture. Want to learn a bit more about quark? Or the sausage vending machines found throughout German cities? Then check out this video below!

William Nehra


William Nehra

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