Plans unveiled for new Berlin neighbourhood

Plans unveiled for new Berlin neighbourhood

Architects and urban planners have revealed information about what Berlin’s new neighbourhood (Kiez) in the existing southeastern district of Köpenick will look like.

Plans for new Berlin neighbourhood revealed

The Köpenick neighbourhood of Berlin is set to get a new Kiez. Development plans for the former site of Güterbahnhof Köpenick include 1.800 new houses and flats, two schools and multiple Kitas.

Architects and urban planners at ADEPT & KARRES+BRANDS and PGT Umwelt und Verkehr revealed the plans this week. The development plan has been accelerated by Berlin’s local government as part of its policy to tackle the city’s housing crisis, though, in a city where increasingly unaffordable rents are as pressing an issue as the lack of housing, it is not yet known if the new builds will be affordable for those looking to live in the new Kiez

Similar development plans have been made for former freight depots in other parts of the German city, such as Mariendorf and Neukölln.

Geothermal system will provide local energy

Planners say that the Güterbahnhof neighbourhood has been designed with the environment in mind. Alongside the Kitas that will provide 170 childcare spots in the area, planners say there will be many open spaces, green surroundings and high environmental standards.

Part of this is a plan that would see the neighbourhood use a geothermal system to provide climate-neutral heat and energy. Photovoltaic systems placed on roofs and other facades will be used to power the system and provide environmentally friendly energy.

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