Craft Beer Festival Lübeck

Craft Beer Festival Lübeck

Oct 04, 2019Oct 05, 2019
Kulturwerft Gollan, Einsiedelstraße 6, 23554
Tickets from 5 euros

Craft Beer Festival Lübeck

We all know that Oktoberfest is not everyone’s pint of ale - some prefer to tantalise their taste buds with a more refined type of German beer. Enter the Craft Beer Festival in the city of Lübeck, which offers more than 100 different types of artisanal beers, from the classic North German Pils to the barrel-stored Imperial Stout with cocoa and coffee.

Explore the alternative beer culture in Lübeck

The first Craft Beer Festival to take place in Lübeck, the cultural event will welcome over 15 leading breweries from across Germany and Europe, who will offer more than 100 different types of beer to sample.

Beer variety, quality ingredients and brewing traditions are all key components when it comes to crafting artisanal beer, and the breweries attending the festival serve the finest draft and bottled craft beer. Local breweries exhibiting include Landgang from Hamburg, Schoppe Bräu from Berlin and Welde from Plankstadt, while international participants include Northern Monk from England, Põhjala from Estonia and The White Hag from Ireland. 

Taste the finest craft beers

The Craft Beer Fest has the right sample size for all visitors! With your 5 euro deposit, you receive a tasting glass with three different size marks - 0,1l, 0,2l and 0,3l, so you can decide how big or small a sample you’d like! What’s more, you can choose to take the glass home as a souvenir at the end of the day, or exchange it for your money back.

Numerous tasting tours will be organised with small groups on-site for those looking to have a more intimate meet and greet with the brewers, while the perfect food to accompany each beer style will also be served at the festival! Three different food trucks will be on-site to serve the ideal food accompaniments to the craft beer selection. 

Attending the Craft Beer Festival Lübeck

Ready for an unforgettable day of beer tasting, discovering new favourites and learning all about craft beer with friends and family? Then be sure to book your tickets to Craft Beer Fest Lübeck now! For all the details, and directions to the beautiful former shipyard Gollan, head to the official website.