Imaginale - International Festival of Animated forms

Imaginale - International Festival of Animated forms

Feb 02, 2023Feb 12, 2023
FITZ! Center for Figure Theater, Eberhardstraße 61A, 70173
Single tickets from 6 euros

Imaginale is one of Germany's largest animated objects festivals. Taking place every two years, the festival presents a selection of the most diverse and interesting international theater productions for adults and children.


The festival typically takes place in Stuttgart, but in 2023, Imaginale takes place in multiple German cities in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg - namely Stuttgart, Mannheim, Heilbronn, Eppingen, Schorndorf and Ludwigsburg.

Each edition of Imaginale welcomes several international ensembles and soloists to perform. This year's edition of Imaginale will see over 25 different groups from Germany, France, Norway, Spain, Israel, Denmark, Belgium, El Salvador, Great Britain, Switzerland, Slovenia, Austria and the Netherlands take to the stage throughout the festival. 

As the spectrum of puppet theatre spans from traditional playing techniques to experimental performances, crossing borders to drama, music dance and film, viewers can expect to see innovative performances. Each will tell its own story through a puppet show, scenic installation, or sound and object theatre, and will be shown in its original language with German or English subtitles where applicable.

Puppet, figure and object theatre festival

With more than 70 events and a full supporting programme with workshops, exhibitions and lectures taking place this year, Imaginale 2020 will showcase the latest trends in the international figure and object theatre scene. Expect to see moving stories and hear reimagined fairy tales and thrilling live music!

Imaginale is the successor of the Stuttgart FITZ! Center for puppet theatre International Festival of puppet theatre, taking place since 1985 and the Mannheim puppet theatre festival "Loose figures". Although this festival is open to the whole family, each installation and performance will offer its own recommended age viewing, so do check all the details beforehand.

Attending Imaginale 

Ready to immerse yourself in the world of puppet theatre? For more information on the festival, directions on how to get to the theatre via car or public transport, head over to the Imaginale website.