Kirchweihdult - Autumn Auer Dult Fair Munich

Kirchweihdult - Autumn Auer Dult Fair Munich

Oct 14, 2023Oct 22, 2023
Mariahilfplatz, 81541

After the end of the biggest and oldest summer market in Munich, Jakobidult, which usually draws in approximately 100.000 visitors each years, merchants and locals alike prepare for the last market of the season, the Kirchweihdult (Church Anniversary Dult).

Taking place annually towards the end of October on the famous Mariahilfplatz, this traditional folk festival has been a fixture since the early 14th century. 

Kirchweihdult Munich

Kirchweihdult – the third and final Auer Dult of the year

The Auer Dult is a much beloved and celebrated traditional folk festival that takes place three times a year in the district of Au in Munich. The name "Dult" is borrowed from the old German word for observance. Although the festival - which took place for the first time in 1310 - was originally based on the church calendar, over the years Auer Dult has grown into a secular event open to everyone, featuring a market, funfair rides, food stalls and more.

The three different Auer Dult festivals are:

  • Meidult in late April or early May
  • Jakobidult in late July or early August
  • Kirchweihdult in October

Kirchweihdult pottery

Autumn Folk Festival in Munich 

If you are searching for an event that offers activities for the whole family and is also a traditional part of German culture in Munich this autumn, then this is the festival for you! The Kirchweihdult, in comparison to Oktoberfest and the Munich Spring Festival, is a lot more low-key, focusing on flea markets and funfair rides - although of course visitors can still find plenty of beer tents and live music at this event. 

The marketplace at each Auer Dult is known for its large offering of porcelain and china - during each season it hosts the largest pottery fair in Europe. The autumn fair is also known for its unique antiques and offerings of Bavarian food and local beer, as well as numerous forms of entertainment, from acrobats to puppet shows and live music.

Kirchweihdult beer

Attending Kirchweihdult in Munich

This year’s Kirchweihdult is set to run from October 15 to October 23, 2022. We do recommend using public transport to travel to the festival and to dress warmly - as the German weather can be a tad unpredictable at this time of the year. For more details on the market or to see the full entertainment programme, visit Munich’s official tourism page.



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