After the storm comes the heat: It could hit 30 degrees this weekend

After the storm comes the heat: It could hit 30 degrees this weekend

Residents of northern and western Germany battled with stormy gusts of up to 140 kilometres per hour this week, as a weather front called Eugen struck the country. But with the storm now finally blowing itself out, something much more pleasant is on the horizon: summer-like temperatures of up to 30 degrees! 

Storm Eugen batters Germany

Wednesday is set to be a very changeable day in Germany, with heavy showers, short thunderstorms, and strong gusts of wind dominating right through until the evening. The high temperature will be somewhere around a measly 7 to 13 degrees, and the German Weather Service (DWD) has issued yellow and orange weather warnings for thunderstorms and wind throughout the country. 

The conditions seem relatively tame, however, in comparison to Tuesday, when the DWD issued red and orange weather warnings, and severe gales of up to 100 kilometres an hour struck lowland areas, felling trees, causing damage, and disrupting transport. On high ground, hurricane-like gusts of up to 138 kilometres per hour were recorded!

Thankfully, Eugen now seems to have done his worst. Thursday looks set to be a dreary - rather than dramatic - day, with plenty of cloud cover and showers. Friday will see a few showers and short thunderstorms, with temperatures hovering between 8 and 14 degrees. 

Sunny skies and summery temperatures on the cards this weekend

Towards the weekend, things start looking a lot more cheerful. The showers should subside on Friday night, leaving room for longer stretches of sunshine, and the temperature will begin to shoot upwards. On Saturday, the high will rise to between 11 and 16 degrees in the north and east of the country, and between 17 and 22 degrees everywhere else, with the highest values in the Upper Rhine valley. 

On Sunday and into Monday, things really kick up a gear, giving everybody a taste of the good weather. The DWD is predicting that things will get significantly warmer, with a dry, sunny day on the cards for the whole of the country except for the far west and northwest.

In the west and northwest, as well as on the Baltic coast, the high will be between 18 and 23 degrees. Elsewhere, the thermometer will hit the 24 to 30-degree mark, with the highest values expected in southwestern Germany. 

It’s still early days, but the prognosis for the following week is that the good weather will continue at least until Friday - but the nights are still expected to be chilly, so don’t forget your coat if you’re heading out for the day! 



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