Coronavirus: Lieferando starts new "contactless" delivery service

Coronavirus: Lieferando starts new "contactless" delivery service

Food delivery company Lieferando is taking its own steps to combat the spread of coronavirus, by introducing “contactless” food deliveries. 

Lieferando introduces new measures to protect couriers

Coronavirus is spreading in Germany and intervening in various areas of life, causing everything from school closures to travel restrictions. Luckily, anyone holed up at home (out of necessity or choice) has had the option of having food delivered directly to their door. 

But that poses a new question - at least in larger cities: What about the delivery drivers? How do they protect themselves from infection? 

Due to growing anxiety about the coronavirus pandemic, Lieferando will now offer deliveries that do not involve physical contact between the customer and the delivery driver. 

Deliveries will be left by front door

All staff have now been issued with instructions to ring the customer’s doorbell, and then simply leave the delivery in front of the door, rather than handing it over.

This new measure applies to all restaurants on the platform, and should come into force all across Europe, according to Lieferando’s parent company Takeaway. 

The company also stresses that all employees and drivers have been given health and safety training in the last few weeks. In addition, hygiene equipment such as antibacterial hand gel has been distributed to all the couriers. 



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