Explore Germany's North Sea from all angles with new virtual experience

Explore Germany's North Sea from all angles with new virtual experience

With just one sea coast, Germany’s not exactly blessed with opportunities to explore beaches and marine life. But now, thanks to the wonder of the internet, residents all over the country can dive into the rich flora and fauna of the German North Sea from the comfort of their homes. 

Experience the rich world of Germany’s North Sea

The new online portal NordseeLIFE (North Sea Life), created by the Nature Conservation Union (NABU), is giving users the opportunity to experience the underwater world of the German North Sea from all angles from their PCs, tablets and smartphones, and soon even VR headsets. 

The portal combines images, videos, sounds and information blocks to give users an insight into the unique environment of the North Sea, allowing them to virtually explore 16 different areas up close and interactively. The scenes in the portal - which are the result of more than 25 hours of filming on various dives - take in around 100 different sea creatures and plant species in a variety of habitats, including islands, deep waters, and the mudflats of one of Germany’s famous national parks

Many of these are places that are difficult or even impossible to access in real life, including the rocky outcrop Lange Anna off Heligoland, where kittiwakes, gannets and guillemots breed. Under the surface of the water, porpoises, grey seals and kelp forests await discovery. 

Along the way, visitors are accompanied by marine conservationists and researchers, who provide insights into the environment. The whole experience is made real with sounds from the sea world, including birdsong, waves, and ship engines. 

North Sea is under threat from pollution

While designed to entertain and inform, the portal also has a conservation angle, highlighting how humans are impacting delicate ecosystems via pollution, shipping, fishing and farming energy. It also considers what we can do to help protect these environments. 

“With NordseeLIFE we want to raise awareness about the fascinating diversity of species above and below the water, make science understandable, and call for protection of the North Sea from pollution. Only when people are aware of the valuable habitats and species can they be protected,” said Leif Miller, Federal Managing Director of NABU. 

The project follows the earlier OstseeLIFE portal, which was launched in 2018 to give a similar virtual experience and raise awareness and protect species living in the Baltic Sea. 



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