Germany to sizzle in up to 34 degrees before stormy weather hits

Germany to sizzle in up to 34 degrees before stormy weather hits

It’s going to be hot, hot, hot: the German Weather Service (DWD) is predicting a sunny, sultry day for the whole country on Wednesday, before thunderstorms roll in on Thursday.

Hot Wednesday followed by muggy, stormy Thursday in Germany

Wednesday looks set to be a hot and sunny day across the whole country, with highs of up to 31 degrees in some regions. The coolest temperatures will be experienced in the extreme northeastern, southeastern and coastal federal states of Germany, but the temperature is still expected to hit a balmy high of between 20 and 24 degrees. 

Elsewhere, highs of between 26 and 31 degrees are on the cards - making Wednesday a scorching day by May standards. Residents of the Rhine and Moselle regions, as ever, will experience the highest temperatures. Make sure you dig out your sunscreen if you’ll be spending any great length of time outdoors! 

Up to 34 degrees forecast for Friday

After a day of glorious sunshine, the picture becomes a bit more mixed on Thursday. Hot weather in Germany almost always comes with stormy weather, and this week is no exception. After a cheerful, sunny start to the day, the DWD has said that clouds will begin to roll in from the north and northwest by the afternoon, bringing with them “strong thunderstorms and a risk of severe weather.” 

Even if this doesn’t bring rain to your region, it will mean a lot of hot, muggy weather, with highs between 27 and 33 degrees, or a little cooler by the coast. The thunderstorms will make their way south in the night to Friday, bringing strong gusts of wind and heavy rain to most parts of the country, and highs of up to a sweltering 34 degrees. 

The weekend is looking patchy, with sunshine mixing with clouds and the occasional rain shower, but the temperature looks set to finally dip, with highs between 18 and 26 degrees. So it looks like you’ll be needing your sunglasses, sunscreen, umbrella and raincoat all in one day! 



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