Next heatwave coming as 41C forecast in Germany

Next heatwave coming as 41C forecast in Germany

Early predictions that Germany would see a long, hot summer are proving true so far, with the next round of 40-degrees-plus temperatures forecast for this week. 

Next round of 40-degree temperatures forecast in Germany

Cool off while you can. While the first half of the week will see relatively temperate weather in Germany, with a few spots of rain, the next heatwave is already on the horizon, according to the German Weather Service (DWD), bringing with it soaring temperatures and tropical nights.

After a cloudy Tuesday with highs of between 28 and 33 degrees, the sun will really get into its stride on Wednesday and Thursday, building the heat with hours and hours of glorious sunshine.

On Wednesday, the thermometer will reach somewhere between 30 and 37 degrees, or a little cooler in the northwest of the country at 25 to 30 degrees. Wednesday is likely to be the first tropical night of this week, with the temperature not falling below 22 degrees in some areas, especially in large German cities. Elsewhere, the low at night will be around 17 degrees.

The heatwave looks set to peak on Thursday. The northeast will see stormy, squally weather, while elsewhere it will be warm and dry, with highs of between 32 and 39 degrees, according to the DWD, and up to a sticky 23 degrees at night. Friday will remain warm, with the temperature hovering between 29 and 38 degrees as the risk of thunderstorms builds. 

Summer 2022 shaping up to be one of Germany’s hottest

According to, it could be even hotter than that, with meteorologist Dominik Jung predicting highs of up to 40 or even 41 degrees in the Upper Rhine region of western Germany. Jung said that this week could see temperature records set.

This summer is already shaping up to be one of Germany’s hottest, Jung told the Berliner Kurier. “August 2022 is off to a very hot start,” he said, adding that July was 2,2 degrees and June 3,0 degrees warmer than average.



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