Pamela Anderson's iconic Baywatch costume goes on display at German museum

Pamela Anderson's iconic Baywatch costume goes on display at German museum

One well-known itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny bright red swimming costume has just gone on display at the world’s first swimwear museum, BikiniARTmuseum in Baden-Württemberg.

Baywatch swimming costume bought by German museum

Beachgoers of the world can be divided into two distinct categories, those who do a sexy jog across the shore and those who do an unflattering slow-mo jog across the shore as a little gift to their sunbathing friends in the distance.

The reference need not be clarified. It is vivid in all of our minds as soon as our friend takes the first stumble: the crashing waves, the strained beltings of I’m Always Here by Jimi Jameson, the headless, bronze sculpted bodies of Los Angelinos and that red swimming costume that looks impractical for everything but a wedgie.

Now, from the Golden State to the Bindestrich-Bundesland, residents and tourists to Baden-Württemberg alike will soon be able to see C.J. Parker’s iconic wedgie-inducer up close at the world’s first swimwear museum, BikiniARTmuseum in Bad Rappenau, just an hour's drive north from Stuttgart

After more than 40 Baywatch mega-fans bid for the artefact, the museum won with their 27.500-US-dollar offer. The red shorts of Pamela Anderson’s Baywatch co-star David Hasselhoff will also be on display at the museum, but haven’t caused such a furore since for some totally bizarre reason, shots of Hasselhoff in the 1990s hit show were often of his rugged face rather than his big wedgie. 

Baywatch costume will join already valuable museum collection

Anderson’s swimming costume is set to be the most famous cherry on top of what is already a jam-packed trifle of iconic swimwear at the museum, including originals from the wardrobe of Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Amy Winehouse and the most valuable bikini in the world, a 1950s two-piece by French engineer and designer Louis Réard dubbed “the golden Réard”.

The museum has been open for three years and displays 400 swimwear pieces dating from 1870 to the present day. Speaking to the dpa about the museum's newest acquisition, director Marco Preißer said, “This is another sensational and quality addition to our hip museum.”

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