Storm Marco to disrupt Germany's long weekend with wet and windy weather

Storm Marco to disrupt Germany's long weekend with wet and windy weather

Germany may be heading into a long weekend, just as restaurants and cafes in many parts of the country reopen their outdoor seating areas, but unfortunately the German weather didn’t get the memo. 

Storm Marco hits Germany this weekend

The weather in Germany is set to remain wet and windy throughout the weekend and into the public holiday on Monday. To blame we have a stormy weather front nicknamed Marco, which is making its way from the Irish Sea to Scandinavia, taking northern Germany in its path. 

Anyone picturing a lazy bank holiday weekend spent in the sunshine on cafe terraces had probably best adjust their expectations. As early as Friday the storm will begin to make itself felt, initially in the north and northwest of the country, and gradually spreading southwards during the course of the day. 

Gusts of wind between 60 and 70 kilometres per hour are on the cards, according to the German Weather Service (DWD). There will be dense cloud cover, with alternating patches of rain showers, thunderstorms, hail and even sleet!

Saturday also looks set to be overcast, with plenty of bouts of heavy rain, especially in the afternoon. However, some areas will be able to grab snatches of sunshine between the showers, with the temperature hovering somewhere between 12 and 19 degrees. Strong gusts of wind can be expected, especially in mountainous and exposed areas. 

Wet and windy weather expected over Whitsun weekend

Sunday will be cloudy, and especially rainy and thundery in the eastern part of the country. The good news is that the wind will begin to die down, bringing slightly warmer temperatures. Whit Monday, May 24, will bring more of the same, with clouds, showers, heavy rain and occasional thunderstorms predicted for great swathes of the country. 

Those in the south and east have the best chance of enjoying some dry, sunny weather - and can look forward to temperatures rising between 17 and 23 degrees - but the cloud cover will become denser as the day progresses and the rain looks set to roll in by the evening. 

Altogether, the DWD concluded that Germany should prepare itself for a weekend that is neither too hot nor too cold. “Turning off the heating is hardly worth it. Sandals and shorts can also remain in the closet. It is also advisable to secure loose objects or light plant pots in defence against Marco,” they wrote in their weather report on Thursday. 



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