[Video] Why do Germans love bread so much?

[Video] Why do Germans love bread so much?

One thing you might not know about Germans is that they love bread. With over 3.000 different types of German bread, people are really spoilt for choice in the federal republic.

Germany and its love of bread

When you think of German food, your mind will probably conjure up images of Bratwurst, pretzels and Schnitzel. If you’ve ever visited Germany before, then your mouth might start watering at some of the country’s more traditional foods like Spätzle, Sauerkraut or Flammkuchen.

What you probably wouldn’t think about straight away is bread. However, Germans absolute love their bread and you’d be surprised to find out exactly how integrated bread is in German culture - there’s even a TV show in Germany hosted by a loaf of bread. The country also hosts an annual “bread of the year” competition.

So, if you want to find out exactly how much Germans love bread and why, check out the video below!



Video: YouTube / DW Euromaxx

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