Coming to Germany: McDonald's first vegan burger

Coming to Germany: McDonald's first vegan burger

As abandoning animal products is quickly becoming one of the biggest trends in German cuisine this year, even McDonald’s is jumping on the meat-free bandwagon! A new vegan burger - the “Big Vegan” will be hitting the burger chain’s German restaurants this April.

McDonalds goes vegan

From April 29, vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians - as well as anyone who’s just curious -  will be able to get their hands on McDonald’s’ first ever vegan burger - the Big Vegan. The new meat- and dairy-free option is the first burger in the world to feature the “Incredible Burger”, a vegan “bleeding” patty manufactured from soya, wheat and vegetables by Nestle’s Garden Gourmet brand.  

Depending on how successful it is in Germany, the Big Vegan might represent only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to McDonald’s’ foray into meat-free offerings: while McVegan burgers have already been added to the menus in its Nordic restaurants, the burger chain is also reportedly developing a vegan chicken burger in its test kitchens. A petition calling for McDonald’s to bring vegan options to the USA has now reached over 200.000 signatures.  

Get yourself a Big Vegan in Germany

Can’t wait to chow down on a meat-free burger? Luckily for you, the Big Vegan burgers will go on sale on Monday in 1.000 branches of McDonalds in cities across Germany, costing around 3,79 euros each, depending on your whereabouts.



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