Berlin named second-best city in the world for students

Berlin named second-best city in the world for students

A new study by The Campus Advisor has seen Berlin ranked as the second-best city for students in the whole wide world, with particular praise going to nightlife and public transport.

Best Student Cities in the World 2023

Using reviews by students, The Campus Advisor rated cities around the world by how welcoming, enjoyable and affordable they are to study in. Rather than focusing on the quality of the universities themselves, this ranking serves those seeking “an exceptional living experience. From vibrant cultural scenes to cutting-edge learning environments, these cities have proven to be the epitome of a holistic student lifestyle.”

To rank each city, The Campus Advisor used feedback from students to give scores in the following categories:

  • Student friendliness
  • Cost of living
  • Nightlife
  • Public transport
  • Amenities
  • Safety

Each city was given a rating out of five in each section, with an average used to place them in the top 50.

The best and worst student cities in 2023

In 2023, the Australian city of Melbourne retained its title as the best city in the world for students with a score of 4,68 out of five. The city was rated highest in the amenities category, with reviewers praising the “best bars, best night clubs... outstanding arts, food and wine, Australia's best shopping, and diverse sporting and leisure opportunities." “There is always something to do every day of the week!” one reviewer noted.

The northern English city of Newcastle took third place in 2023, with the Toon rated best for nightlife. In terms of other metrics, Galway in Ireland topped the student friendliness category, Singapore took gold in safety and, while it came in 35th overall, the Lithuanian capital Vilnius took first for cost of living.

And the other end of the ranking, was Nottingham, Auckland and lastly, Milan. While they were praised for their “student friendliness” each of the cities came up short when it came to cost of living.

Students in Berlin are having the time of their lives?

This year saw Berlin shoot up the ranking, going from sixth in 2022 to second place with an improved score of 4,63. Likely because of the large network of buses, trams, trains and metros, and the generous transport tickets given to those studying as part of the already low semester fees, the German capital placed first for public transport. The city was also praised for its mythical nightlife, which respondents described as “so cool” and “one of the best clubbing scenes in the world”.

Perhaps the biggest challenge facing Berlin students, however, was left unaddressed. In a country facing the worst housing shortage it has seen in 20 years, students are particularly badly affected, especially those looking to move to the capital.

Those hoping to nab one of the 9.000 beds available in student accommodation can expected to join a waiting list of 4.900 others, while students opting for a room in a shared flat will pay almost double the 390-euro housing allowance paid by the BAföG student loan. Partying the night away is all well and good, but only if there is your own bed to look forward to at the other end of the tram line.

Though not so high up the ranking, Munich also managed to claim a spot in the top 50, in place number 36. Like Berlin, the capital of Bavaria was praised for its public transport system and nightlife, with one respondent saying that the city “offers an unparalleled student experience”.

Best student cities in the world for 2023

In all, here are the 10 best cities for students in 2023:

  1. Melbourne, Australia (4,68)
  2. Berlin, Germany (4,63)
  3. Newcastle, United Kingdom (4,58)
  4. Brno, Czechia (4,55)
  5. Seoul, South Korea (4,53)
  6. Vienna, Austria (4,52)
  7. Galway, Ireland (4,47)
  8. Warsaw, Poland (4,46)
  9. Montreal, Canada (4,45)
  10. Singapore (4,42)

For more information about the study, and to see what other cities made it into the top 50, check out the official website.

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