Competition launches to find most disgusting school toilet in Germany

Competition launches to find most disgusting school toilet in Germany

The German Toilet Organisation (GTO) has opened a competition to find the most disgusting toilet in German schools. The winners can expect a hefty prize to fund their toilet’s transformation.

Toilets Make Schools seeks disgusting toilet

The German Toilet Organisation is seeking Germany’s worst school toilet - one that is in dire need of a glow-up. 

Since January 10, 2024, students at schools in Germany have been able to submit their school toilets to the Toiletten machen Schule competition, which is looking for schools to award cash and non-cash prizes worth more than 50.000 euros to renovate gross toilets. The organisation says that competing school teams should not just include pupils, but teachers, school social workers, educators, school administrators, janitors and cleaning staff too.

The GTO describes itself as “a not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation, which actively breaks the toilet-taboo and works to improve sanitation, thereby protecting the environment, human health and dignity worldwide.” 

To win the competition, school teams should develop ideas about how their toilets can be improved sustainably. The winning toilet innovators will be guided through the renovation project by the GTO. Bog-enthusiasts have until April 23, 2024 to submit their toilet of choice for consideration.

Berlin school wins 2019 toilet competition

Since the GTO began their regular Toiletten machen Schule competition, a total of 159 schools across 14 German federal states have taken part.

In the last edition, it was Teltow Grundschule in Berlin that went home as one the winners from the prize-giving ceremony, which took place on home turf. Heinrich-Neumann-Schule in Remscheid, North Rhine-Westphalia and Grundschule Sankt Arnual in Saarbrücken, Saarland, were also crowned. 

Each school was awarded 10.000 euros for the pupil and staff’s toilet transformation projects.

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