Munich named second-best student city in the world

Munich named second-best student city in the world

In a new ranking, three German cities have been named among the top 100 in the world for students, with one even taking second place. 

The QS Best Student Cities 2022

The QS Best Student Cities ranking is an overview of the best places to live and study around the world. The ranking takes into account a number of factors, including affordability, desirability, and the opinions of more than 95.000 current students, to compile its list of the best student cities worldwide. 

The 2022 ranking compares more than 100 study destinations. A city had to have a population of at least 250.000 people and at least two universities in order to make it onto the list. 

Once again this year, London came top. The UK’s capital city is home to a handful of world-renowned universities, including University College London and Imperial College London. “The city has been a student favourite for years and has plenty of world-class academic institutions for students to choose from,” QS said. 

Three German cities inside top 100 in the world

But those who have their hearts set on studying in Germany also face a good selection of cities, with two German metropolises making it inside the top five. Munich managed to beat out Berlin to be ranked the second-best student city in the world - an accolade to be proud of - while Germany’s capital city scored a very respectable fifth place. Further down the list, Stuttgart came in 83rd. Germany and Australia were the only countries to have two cities placed inside the top 10. 

“Munich’s impressive feat in this year’s ranking was no doubt helped by an increase in the desirability, employer activity and affordability ranking indicators, probably due to the city’s lower prices compared to other European hubs, quality of life, ease of getting around, nightlife and Bavarian friendliness,” QS said. 

The higher education network also praised the fact that the majority of German federal states do not charge tuition fees in higher education, regardless of a student’s nationality, making the country a top destination for international students. Berlin scored so highly because it offers a large number of courses in English. 

The best student cities in the world in 2022

The best student cities in the world in 2022, according to QS, are as follows:

  • 1. London, United Kingdom
  • 2. Munich, Germany
  • =3. Seoul, South Korea
  • =3. Tokyo, Japan
  • 5. Berlin, Germany
  • 6. Melbourne, Australia
  • 7. Zurich, Switzerland
  • 8. Sydney, Australia
  • =9. Boston, United States
  • =9. Montreal, Canada

For more information on the ranking, visit the QS website



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