DB launches 15-euro Friends Discount ticket for long-distance ICE journeys

DB launches 15-euro Friends Discount ticket for long-distance ICE journeys

Until June 10, travellers in Germany can take a high-speed ICE train trip across the federal republic for as little as 14,30 euros. The Deutsche Bahn Friends Discount is available for groups of three or more.

What is the Deutsche Bahn Friends Discount?

Now that the 9-euro ticket costs 49 euros, schlepping from Berlin to Munich on 15, heaving regional trains doesn’t quite offer that same money-saving-adventure high as it did in the summer of 2022.

But if you’re still eager to plan an adventure before the summer heat really kicks in, Deutsche Bahn’s limited Friends Discount is the next best thing. Available for groups or more, the Friends Discount gives groups 20 percent off their Supersparpreis or Sparpreis tickets, which can be used on ICE long-distance trains. Supersparpreis and Sparpreis tickets are available on journeys which are not very busy, for example early in the morning or late at night.

Because a Supersparpreis ticket can cost as little as 17,90 euros, this means that if a group of 3 to 5 people would like to travel one way, each passenger can get a ticket for 14,30 euros. The offer can also be applied to both tickets for a return journey.

With the Sparpreis ticket, the same Friends Discount could get each group member a single ticket for 17,50 euros. The only real difference between a Supersparpreis and a Sparpreis ticket is that the latter includes a “City-Ticket” that you can use in certain German cities to travel to your departure station and from your arrival station to your final destination.

BahnCards could get you a ticket for just 7,15 euros

If you’re hungry for an even bigger bargain, it is also possible to use your BahnCard 25 or BahnCard 50 on top of the Friends Discount. This means, if you successfully navigate your way through this matrix of Deutsche Bahn discounts, you could get yourself a Supersparpreis, BahnCard 50, Friends Discount ticket for just 7,15 euros and crown yourself the most frugal person in Germany.

But be warned! If you want to take advantage of the Friends Discount, you will also have to book your ticket on the internet or via the DB Navigator App.

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