Bavaria cancels all Christmas markets due to surging COVID infections

Bavaria cancels all Christmas markets due to surging COVID infections

Bavaria has announced that all Christmas markets in the southern state will be cancelled for the second year in a row due to coronavirus, along with other sweeping restrictions. Districts with a seven-day COVID incidence rate of more than 1.000 per 100.000 will also be put into lockdown. 

All Bavarian Christmas markets cancelled again in 2021

Shortly after the cancellation of Munich’s world-famous Christkindlmarkt, the state of Bavaria has more bad news: in response to soaring COVID case rates in the state, it is cancelling all Christmas markets. 

"The situation is very, very serious and difficult," said state premier Markus Söder at a news conference on Friday. "We have a clear goal: fighting corona, protecting people, and protecting the healthcare system." 

Lockdown imposed on Bavarian hotspots

The batch of rules also includes new sweeping restrictions to help curb the upsurge in infections. So long as the hospital "traffic light" remains on red, bars and nightclubs will have to close, while restaurants will be subject to a 10 pm curfew. Sports and culture venues will also be restricted to a 25-percent capacity limit and a 2G plus rule, and retailers will have to restrict the flow of customers.

On Friday, the seven-day incidence rate in the southern state reached 625,3 per 100.000 people, well above the national average of 340,7.

Söder said the state government will also impose lockdown restrictions on any district that has a seven-day incidence rate of 1.000 per 100.000 people or higher. In these areas, bars, clubs, restaurants and other cultural, leisure and sport facilities will be closed. Primary and secondary schoolschildcare and shops will remain open. Currently, the rules would affect eight districts in Bavaria. 

Unvaccinated people will also be subject to new contact restrictions; they will only be allowed to meet with a maximum of five people from two households, not including children under the age of 12 and those who have been vaccianted against coronavirus. 

The new rules should be approved by the state parliament next week and will initially remain in effect until December 15. 



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