Black ice hazard in Germany will continue through Friday, says DWD

Black ice hazard in Germany will continue through Friday, says DWD

Be careful out there! Black ice across Germany is causing road and pedestrian accidents after freezing rain throughout January 11. The streets are expected to stay very slippery until Saturday, January 13.

DWD warns black ice danger will continue through Friday

The German Weather Service (DWD) has warned drivers, cyclists and pedestrians that black ice will continue to be a danger on German roads throughout January 12.

After freezing rain on January 11, many of Germany’s streets have been coated with a black ice sheen, which has caused hundreds of accidents across the country, the most serious of which have been fatal. 

In Berlin alone, emergency services were called to 300 accidents on Thursday night related to black ice, which resulted in a “state of emergency” according to rescue services in the capital, as all ambulances were being used simultaneously.

North Rhine-Westphalia was also severely affected. In Hamm, a German city just outside of Dortmund, there were over 20 traffic accidents due to slips and three people were injured.

Paramedics advise adopting the “penguin walk” until ice passes

Medical professionals are reminding pedestrians to adopt a “penguin walk” until the weather changes, which involves keeping your centre of gravity directly over your leading leg, making sure your whole sole touches the ground and taking small, slow steps.

According to the DWD, freezing rain and sleet will continue on Friday, with frost expected to make a return at around midday. A high of between -1 and 1 degrees celsius is expected. As the evening returns, temperatures will drop and the roads will become more slippy again, before light rain and 2 to 4-degree temperatures on Saturday.

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