Borussia Dortmund scores fine for team bus taking up six parking spaces

Borussia Dortmund scores fine for team bus taking up six parking spaces

A trip to Newcastle for a Champions League match left Borussia Dortmund with a hefty fine for their inconsiderately parked, giant team bus.

Dortmund football club get parking fine in Newcastle

They may have been driving out of Newcastle as the winners, but Borussia Dortmund also left the northern English city with a 50-pound parking fine for a very silly parking error.

Newcastle fans spotted a traffic warden about work on “the Toon” leaving the German team a fine for their massive team bus that was taking up six perfectly good parking spots down on the Tyneside shorelines.

The team was told that if the fine was paid within 14 days then the penalty would be reduced to 25 pounds.

North Tyneside council ask team to collect the money in Dortmund

After the moment was filmed and shared on social media, North Tyneside council confirmed what had happened and joked around in a statement saying, “If it makes it easier for our visitors, we will have a word with [team manager] Eddie [Howe] and the lads to see if they can collect it for us [...] after they get their revenge in Dortmund." The team is heading to the German city for the return fixture on November 7.

When the Champions League began, Newcastle was slated to be the ones to beat the team from North Rhine-Westphalia, but a 1-0 win for Dortmund means the northern English team are now third in what has been slated as the "group of death" for this year's competition.

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