Ed Sheeran makes surprise appearance at Frankfurt Oktoberfest party

Ed Sheeran makes surprise appearance at Frankfurt Oktoberfest party

Drinkers at an Oktoberfest event in Frankfurt were treated to an impromptu performance by Ed Sheeran last weekend. After performing to over 60.000 fans at the Deutsche Bank Park, the pop star popped into a local event for a surprise encore. 

Ed Sheeran pops into Oktoberfest in Frankfurt

Ed Sheeran had apparently been invited to the event to celebrate the Frankfurt leg of his tour incognito, but it wasn’t long before his fellow drinkers recognised him and began to take pictures and videos on their mobile phones.


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Kitted out in lederhosen, a green checked shirt and a felt hat, with a stein of German beer in his hand, the 31-year-old Brit then proceeded to step on stage, unpack his guitar and sing a few of his hits - and some covers - for the crowd. According to organisers, his visit to the festival was preplanned, but the impromptu performance was not. 

In a clip posted on the official Frankfurt Oktoberfest Instagram account, the musician can be seen singing his song “Perfect” and encouraging people in the crowd to sip down on their drinks. 

Ed Sheeran’s Oktoberfest beer mug being auctioned for charity

The beer mug that Sheeran drank from was kept by the Oktoberfest party organisers and is now being auctioned off on eBay to raise money for a school in the Dominican Republic. The page gives all kinds of assurances that the mug is genuine, and bidding starts at 1.040 euros.

Sheeran played a total of three concerts in Frankfurt. Last Saturday one of his shows had to be briefly interrupted due to the weather

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