German villages bewildered by mysterious sandwich flinger

German villages bewildered by mysterious sandwich flinger

Something is awry in the villages of Königsborn and Heyrothsberge: locals keep finding half-eaten sandwiches everywhere and nobody understands why.

German villages plagued by half-eaten sandwiches

About six months ago, someone who was minding their own business near the city of Magdeburg stumbled upon a shiny object, which upon closer inspection was a half-eaten cheese sandwich wrapped in tin foil.

Nothing untoward, until it started happening more frequently. Since early 2023, locals in the villages of Königsborn and Heyrothsberge in Saxony-Anhalt have been finding mysteriously discarded sandwiches. Sometimes they are with cheese, other times - salami. Sometimes they are intact and sometimes they have a bite taken out of them. But they are always wrapped in tin foil.

The provisions have landed in the most obscure of places; on the local football pitch and in someone’s front garden and they always appear before 6am.

A driver too kind to decline a packed lunch?

Since the series of strange events began some are perturbed and others are curious. 

“We do everything here on a voluntary basis and maintain our place ourselves. It’s very annoying for us,” chairperson of the local football club Holger Becker told Bild.

And speculations are floating around the town about who exactly the mysterious Käsebrotchen-flinger could be.

Since the towns lie along the B148 autobahn, psychologist Anke Pecht has suggested to the newspaper that the sandwiches may belong to a hungry driver who is too kind to tell their loved ones that they are over the sandwiches. 

“Why do they let someone make sandwiches if they don’t want to eat them?” confused Königsborn local Thomas Wilk told the newspaper. Perhaps we will never know.

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