This is Germany’s most expensive currywurst

This is Germany’s most expensive currywurst

One would think that the oh-so-humble Berliner Currywurst and Pommes was immune to being zhuzhed up, but the fine dining industry leaves no stone unturned. A cafe in Nuremberg has daringly added some oysters and caviar to the traditional German dish.

Currywurst with oysters anyone?

Some say that the simplicity of a Berliner Currywurst lies at the heart of its delight. These people, however, don’t seem to work at Nuremberg’s Currywurst Bar.

The cafe, which lies a stone’s throw away from the central square of the German city, is now offering customers the “Couple Deluxe”, fittingly illustrated with diamonds on the menu. A standard currywurst at the joint will set you back 5,90 euros, but if you have an extra 100 euros to throw away, why not indulge yourself in a luxury version of the regional speciality?

The couple daring enough to indulge in the eclectic twist on tradition will be rewarded with a currywurst caviar topping, pure oysters, truffle chips, curried tomato sauce and a bottle of champagne - a perfect Valentine’s Day plan?

Fancy currywurst dish bought once a week

According to Süddeutsche Zeitung’s own reporting on the phenomenon in Bavaria, the staff at Currywurst Bar see one couple a week treat themselves to the German dish.

Any Berliners curious to try this exotic twist on their city’s post-war staple should be sure to make the pilgrimage south to see if Currywurst Bar is worth the hype. May be best to wait until the 49-euro ticket arrives though, so the trip doesn’t set you back more than 149 euros for 25 minutes of decadence.

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