Hamburg to plant 70.000 trees to combat climate change

Hamburg to plant 70.000 trees to combat climate change

Heatwaves, droughts, bark beetle infestations: trees in Germany have been having a tough time in recent years. The city of Hamburg is reacting with a “tree offensive” and planting 70.000 trees in the Klövesteen forest. 

Extreme weather causes tree losses in Hamburg

Over the past few decades, extreme weather has had a devastating effect on Germany’s forests. In the Klövesteen, a wooded area to the west of Hamburg that extends into Schleswig-Holstein, hundreds of dead and dying spruce trees had to be felled last year, resulting in bare patches spanning a total of 12 hectares. 

“Heat waves, drought and storms led to tree losses in Hamburg,” said Environment Senator Jens Kerstan. “Although the forests in Hamburg are still comparatively healthy, hundreds of dying spruce trees had to be felled in Klövesteen last year.” 

This wooded area is particularly important to the city because it acts as a quasi “natural air conditioner”, explained District Office Head Stefanie von Berg. “It is important that this continues to work well in the future.” The forest is also a habitat for many birds and animals, not to mention a recreational area for the people of Hamburg. 

70.000 trees to be planted by end of year

To ensure its ongoing survival, and to help combat climate change, the district of Altona has begun a tree offensive, planting tens of thousands of trees in the Klövesteen. On Wednesday this week, Kersan and von Berg attended the ceremonial planting of an oak tree. 

69.999 more trees are to follow by the end of the year, different types of tree species that are better adapted to cope with the consequences of climate change - drought, heatwaves and storms - such as European beech, English oak, elm, sycamore and maple. A mixed deciduous forest should emerge over the coming years. 

Alongside this reforestation effort, district authorities are also repairing and updating a good 50 kilometres of forest and hiking trails, to make sure the area can continue to be enjoyed by the city’s residents for many years to come. 



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