Polish scientists discover remains of fallen asteroid in Brandenburg

Polish scientists discover remains of fallen asteroid in Brandenburg

A week after the asteroid 2024 BX1 flashed across the skies over Germany, Polish scientists have discovered the remains of the rock.

Asteroid chunks discovered in Brandenburg

A group of Polish scientists hunting for the 2024 BX1 asteroid, which fell to Earth from the skies above Germany over a week ago, have discovered the asteroid’s remains in Brandenburg.

Shortly after it made its very visible descent, meteor hunters set out across Germany to find where the asteroid had landed. Their search took them to a farmer’s field in Nauen, northwest of Berlin, where they eventually found the asteroid chunks.

Berlin’s Naturkunde Museum will examine the asteroid remains

Speaking to the dpa after the find, curator at the Naturkunde Museum in Berlin Ansgar Greshake said that it is “very, very, very likely” that the rocks are remnants of the fallen asteroid. “This is a special find,” said Greshake.

Researchers at the Naturkunde Museum will now have the task of examining the remains, which are thought to have come from Vesta, one of the largest objects in the asteroid belt which makes up 9 percent of all known asteroids.

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