Storm Ignatz heading for Germany: It's going to be mild, then wild

Storm Ignatz heading for Germany: It's going to be mild, then wild

Storm Ignatz heading for Germany: It's going to be mild, then wild

Hold onto your hats, storm Ignatz is heading to Germany! After a balmy start to the week, Wednesday and Thursday will see the arrival of thundery showers and hefty gusts of wind. 

Turbulent weather blows away warm days

After a friendly start to the week - which saw unusually mild October weather with highs reaching 25 degrees in some parts of the country - things are going to get a lot wilder in Germany in the coming days. The first major storm of the autumn has been brewing over the Atlantic, bringing the threat of turbulent weather. 

Experts are warning of heavy storms and hurricane-strength gusts, which will lash the country on Wednesday and Thursday. According to meteorologist Dominik Jung from, the coming days could see wind speeds reach 150 kilometres per hour.

Disruption possible on Thursday across Germany

Although Wednesday will stay pretty warm, with temperatures around 20 degrees possible in the southwest and along the Upper Rhine, the wind will pick up more and more during the day and start to really blow at night. In the lowlands, speeds of around 110km / h are possible, and at high altitudes gusts of up to 150km / h can be expected. 

According to Jung, the storm will most likely be felt across the whole country, with only a small section in the south spared from the gale. He said that travellers should expect disruption on the railways and at airports on Thursday morning, and that trees could also fall and block roads, causing hold ups for drivers

After the storm, it will get a lot cooler across Germany, as polar air flows in and rapidly brings the temperature down to highs of between 12 and 18 degrees. It could even snow by the weekend - all four seasons in one week! 



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