Temperatures of up to 38 degrees to hit Germany in mini heatwave

Temperatures of up to 38 degrees to hit Germany in mini heatwave

June in Germany is already shaping up to be a scorcher, and even more warm weather is heading this way, thanks to a bank of hot subtropical air. Temperatures of up to 38 degrees have been forecast for this coming weekend. 

Mini heatwave heading for Germany

The weather in Germany will begin heating up from Thursday, which is a public holiday in some federal states. Temperatures of between 26 and 33 degrees are on the cards, according to the German Weather Service (DWD), with lots of sun and patches of thunderstorms in the southeast. It will be a little cooler in the north, with maximum temperatures between 19 and 25 degrees. 

From there, things only get hotter and hotter, as a warm weather front washes over Germany from North Africa and Spain, where it has already pushed the thermometer over the 40-degree mark. 

Friday will be warm and dry with highs between 23 and 27 degrees in the north, and 27 to 32 degrees everywhere else. Saturday will see temperatures of between 19 and 23 at the coast, 27 to 34 degrees everywhere else, and up to 38 degrees in the west and southwest. It will also probably mark one of the first tropical nights of the summer, with the temperature sticking around the 20-degree mark overnight in the Upper Rhine region. 

Beyond that, the forecast isn’t as definite, but high temperature and sunshine are definitely on the cards, with values of up to 36 degrees predicted for Sunday, and 32 degrees on Monday and Tuesday. By next Wednesday, the temperature looks set to drop, with patchy showers and highs of up to 28 degrees forecast. 

Weather warnings issued and people urged to take care

Weather warnings have been issued for parts of southern Germany, with authorities stating that the heat could pose a “danger to life” if people don’t take care. Heat especially affects elderly people, those with chronic illnesses, and young children

So take care not to spend too long in the sun, and wear sunscreen where exposure cannot be avoided. Also, check out our tips for sleeping during a heatwave if these tropical temperatures are interfering with your beauty sleep! 



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