[Video] Eating Spaghettieis in Germany

[Video] Eating Spaghettieis in Germany

Germany’s fondness for Italian food is well-known. But what happens when two of its great loves - pasta and ice cream - combine? 

Spaghettieis - Mannheim’s greatest invention

Italian food connoisseurs may roll their eyes and shudder, but spaghetti ice cream (Spaghettieis) is Germany’s proudest invention and it’s here to stay. 

Created by pushing vanilla ice cream through a potato ricer, and then topping it with strawberry sauce and chocolate shavings, Spaghettieis is a whimsical dish that was - believe it or not - invented right here in Germany. 

In this video, YouTube channel Great Big Story travels to Dario Fontanella’s ice cream parlour in Mannheim, in Baden-Württemberg, where the unusual confectionery was first conceived of in the 1960s.

Video: YouTube / Great Big Story

Gimmick or pure vanilla-strawberry heaven? What’s your verdict on Spaghettieis? Let us know in the comments below!

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