[Video] The German circus using holograms instead of live animals

[Video] The German circus using holograms instead of live animals

A German circus that has swapped real-life animals for computer-generated holograms is causing something of a stir on the internet this week.

Circus Roncalli, which was founded in 1976, used to use real animals in its performances but more recently decided to swap them out in favour of futuristic 3D holograms. The special effects, produced by 11 different projectors, allow the whole audience to view a larger-than-life spectacle of elephants and horses, with an enormous goldfish also making an appearance.

The light show, which cost more than 450.000 euros to create, is intended to be a bold stand against the mistreatment of animals in the entertainment industry. Roncalli’s decision has been roundly praised on social media, with photos and videos of the show being shared far and wide. You can take a look below.

If you want to catch Circus Roncalli and their hologram animals live in action, they are on show in Hamburg until July 14! They are then touring through the German cities of Lübeck, Hannover, Munich and Bremen.

Thumb: Circus Roncalli



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