German cows cause 10.500-euros of damage by licking Mercedes

German cows cause 10.500-euros of damage by licking Mercedes

A German hiker is suing a mountain hotel after local cows caused 10.500 euros worth of damage by licking his parked Mercedes. 

Cows damage German man’s car with endless licking

Returning from a walking tour in the mountains, a German hiker from Bavaria found that his expensive Mercedes Benz car, and five others nearby, had been “licked to pieces”.

When the man, named Felix F, arrived back at the car park after his hike he found lick and drool marks, dents and scratches all over his car. Piles of cow pat surrounding the scene quickly gave up the perpetrators. 

Felix F wants his moo-ney back

Determined to have the damages covered, Felix F has now sued the mountain hotel company responsible for the car park where he had left his vehicle. The hiker is claiming that the animals caused 10.500 euros worth of damage and should be held acow-ntable.

While a lawyer representing the hotel has argued that guests should expect such events to occur, since they know that animals roam in the vicinity, a judge has said that the hotel should have displayed signs that warned guests of the risk to their vehicles.

The hotel’s lawyer has now offered a deal that would see the hotel pay for 60 percent of the damage caused. Felix F has until September to accept the offer or push for a higher payment.

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