2-day Deutsche Post strike begins in Germany

2-day Deutsche Post strike begins in Germany

Ahead of negotiations in Düsseldorf later this week, on Monday and Tuesday 160.000 employees of Deutsche Post are striking for a 15 percent pay rise.

Deutsche Post strike on Monday and Tuesday

Trade union ver.di has announced that postal workers all over Germany will take part in a two-day Warnstrike (warning strike). Package, letter and parcel deliveries will be delayed until the latter half of the week.

The German cities of Berlin and Rostock will be most affected on Monday. On Tuesday, workers in Dortmund, Hamburg, Saarbrücken, Polch, Nuremberg, Frankfurt and Stuttgart will also walk out.

The strike is the second in three weeks and comes after two bargaining rounds during which Deutsche Post AG refused to meet the 15 percent pay rise demanded by their 160.000 employees.

Germany’s biggest trade union to send a clear signal

According to ver.di, many Deutsche Post employees are currently underpaid and rising inflation increasingly means that workers cannot cope with real wage losses. On February 8, union representatives will re-enter negotiations in Düsseldorf asking again for the 15 percent employee pay rise. 

January 2022 was the last time that employees at Deutsche Post received a pay rise, which was just 2 percent. The international company employs 590.000 people worldwide, and in 2022, the delivery company made a profit of 8,4 billion euros.

“This is a renewed, crystal clear signal to the employer, employees are ready to fight for their demand and are expecting a round of negotiations which will result in a pay rise”, ver.di representative Andrea Kocsis wrote in a press release.

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