Christmas Markets in Cologne

Christmas Markets in Cologne

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Christmas Markets in Cologne

The city centre of Cologne is turned into a festive winter wonderland in the weeks leading up to the national holiday each year, when the Christmas markets open. Welcoming millions of visitors from around the world up until the last Monday before Advent, the Christmas markets in Cologne offer everything you could ever want for Christmas, and more!

Cologne Christmas Market


Christmas market in the heart of the Old Town

One of the most festive Christmas markets in Cologne remains the Old Market, in front of the city’s town hall. Folklore says that the Heinzelmännchen (house gnomes) assist the locals in getting ready for Christmas and setting up this traditional market. 

Visitors can stroll among the festively decorated huts while shopping for handmade decorations, toys, gifts and accessories. Or they can enjoy the delicious aroma of Christmas baked goods like gingerbread, pastries and chestnuts while sipping on a hot mug of mulled wine or a pint of German beer. Children and young families, in particular, will enjoy the roundabout, puppet theatre and Santa Claus quarter. 

Cologne Christmas Market Stand

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Plenty of holiday gift ideas at Cologne’s Christmas markets

Underneath one of the biggest Christmas trees in the Rhineland, visitors can enjoy the Cathedral Christmas market, which is in front of one of the city’s biggest attractions. At the 150 wooden pavilions, visitors can watch glassblowers, pewter pourers and wreath binders demonstrate their arts while sampling regional delicacies and organic food. 

The oldest Christmas market in Cologne is held on the Neumarkt, by the main shopping district. Here at the Angel’s Christmas market, visitors can expect to be enchanted by charmingly decorated chalets, beautiful handmade goods and decorative Angels, who drift through the alleys, handing out treats and spreading Christmas cheer to all. Once a week, Santa Claus, together with an angel, makes his grand entry to Neumarkt on horseback.

Stands in Cologne Christmas Market

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Attending Cologne’s Christmas markets

With the festive music in the air, varied entertainment programmes and numerous traditional stalls offering goods, it’s obvious why Cologne’s Christmas markets are so popular among visitors. In order to make the most of your visit, we do recommend travelling by public transport, to fully immerse yourself in the festive mood.

For all the details, head over to Cologne’s Christmas markets event page.

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