German city ranked 4th most disappointing in the world

German city ranked 4th most disappointing in the world

There's a lot of hype surrounding Germany as a tourist destination, but that doesn't mean it always delivers - at least not for everyone! In a new ranking, Munich, Berlin and Hamburg have been rated as some of the most overrated cities in the world, according to disappointed tourist reviews.

The most overrated cities in the world

Online analysis platform KingCasinoBonus recently published a table which ranks 86 popular international destinations based on Trip Advisor reviews posted in December 2022. To compile the ranking researchers used “comprehensive analysis” and took a peek at 1.700 attraction reviews in the different cities.

KingCasinoBonus ranked the cities “based on a statistical calculation of the ratio between 5 and 4-star ratings and 3, 2 and 1-star ratings.” If a city received a TripAdvisor rating of four or five it was considered to be a “good experience”. One to three, on the other hand, made for a disappointing review. The percentage of reviews using keywords like "disappointing" or "worse than expected" was then calculated and presented as "the odds of being disappointed.”

Munich’s Deutsches Museum leaves some visitors disappointed

So, of all the cities in the world, Munich was lucky enough to come in a very un-disappointing fourth place! Surpassed only by Bangkok, Antalya and Singapore, the capital of Bavaria and perhaps the international capital of beer was given 15,7 percent when it came to the odds of visitors feeling the city left much to be desired.

Within Munich, the Deutsches Museum was voted as the most underwhelming attraction - despite it being the world's largest museum for science and technology! Perhaps some guests at the Deutsches Museum felt so cheated that they decided to rest their wearied tourist feet, take a seat on a bench in the middle of the museum and hunker down to furiously type their glum review right there and then.

Thankfully, Munich wasn’t alone and two other German cities were honoured with places 28 and 74 in the ranking. The capital of hedonism, Berlin, was given odds of 11,6 percent of visitors being disappointed. The result is somewhat unsurprising, given that reviewers decided to spend their time at the Fernsehturm. Hamburg came in at place 74, with the art gallery Kunsthalle Hamburg being named the most disappointing attraction. 

The 10 most disappointing cities for tourists

Here are the top 10 most overrated cities, according to the KingCasinoBonus ranking:

  1. Bangkok, Thailand (16,6 percent chance of being disappointed)
  2. Antalya, Turkey (16,5 percent)
  3. Singapore, Singapore (15,8 percent)
  4. Munich, Germany (15,7 percent)
  5. Rimini, Italy (14,2 percent)
  6. Miami, USA (13,9 percent)
  7. Mumbai, India (13,9 percent)
  8. London, UK (13,8 percent)
  9. Paris, France (13,8 percent)
  10. Tokyo, Japan (13,6 percent) 

For more information about the ranking, visit the KingCasinoBonus website

However, when it comes to Munich as a place to live and work - rather than a tourist destination - there are numerous rankings that tell a different story. It's regularly voted one of the best places in the world to study, raise a family, or work. You'll just have to visit to make up your own mind! 

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ToplicaTomas2 05:56 | 7 February 2023

I've been in Deutsche Museum in München couple of days ago and I could tell couple of things: 1. Im not disappointed and I'm willing to go again 2. Entrance fee is ok 3. Germany is everything about science and technology so its the way it is 4. München has many other museums to offer 5. Someone put very much effort in interior design in Deutsche Museum and it is very well presented Just a random Bosnian citizen

ChihabDjaidja2 14:50 | 7 February 2023

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics". The online review bias is a huge known problem, you tend to have either 5 star reviews from people who were blown away by an experience, or 1 or 0 stars for those pissed off by it. While the majority won't bother leaving a review. That's why usually the statistics based on online reviews are usually far from the reality.

GeraldBowman2 16:19 | 7 February 2023

Not my experience. Have lived in Munich for 36 years and visited Berlin frequently. Munich is so much more than the Deutsche Museum, and Berlin, with a little effort one can find many things to do, often free. Hey, great if we have a few less tourists, gets really crowded......

Donna Faura 09:11 | 10 February 2023

I love the picture! :D It says it all!