Highs of 21C expected on first day of spring in Germany

Highs of 21C expected on first day of spring in Germany

Spring is coming in thick and fast - the weather will be warm across Germany in the next few days, with highs of 21 degrees celsius expected on March 20.

Highs of 21C on March 20 in Germany

The first day of spring is bringing warm weather across Germany. On March 20, Baden-Württemberg and southern Bavaria will see the fog pass and highs of 21 degrees move in.

Warm temperatures are also expected further north with 18 degrees forecast in Cologne and 16 degrees expected in Hanover. Around the northern coastline cloudy weather will remain and Berlin will be more cloudy than down south, but conditions will still be warm.

Moving into Thursday, warm weather will prevail in the western part of the country, with 19 degrees expected in Stuttgart and Frankfurt. Berlin and Munich will still be warm, 14 and 16 degrees respectively, but will also be hit with showers.

By Friday and over the weekend, the rain will have made its way from the north into the south and will become more widespread throughout the weekend. By Sunday, rain and wind will have returned across the country, with lows of 10 degrees forecast to round up the week.

World Meteorological Organisation issues “red alert” on climate

Warmer temperatures during early spring in Germany can have manifold consequences later in the year, such as disrupting the hibernation patterns of animals, extending allergy season and bringing harvest season forward to August, meaning that fruit and vegetables must be artificially cooled once they have been picked.

The bout of spring warmth is accompanied by an announcement on March 19 that the UN weather agency (WMO) has issued its “red alert” on climate following the warmest February ever recorded and predictions that 2024 will be the hottest year ever. Secretary General Celeste Saulo has warned that the world has never been so close to exceeding the 1,5 degrees of warming that will trigger climate feedback loops.

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