Highs of 27C forecast for Germany on May 1 holiday

Highs of 27C forecast for Germany on May 1 holiday

Parts of Germany are forecast to see warmer temperatures than Spain over the May 1 public holiday next Wednesday, according to BBC Weather.

Winter will turn to summer for May 1 holiday in Germany

The biting winter temperatures felt across Germany in the past fortnight are forecast to turn into sudden summer sunshine with highs of 27 degrees celsius.

Mediterranean air and desert air from Northern Africa will bring warmer temperatures north, particularly to southeastern parts of Germany. Temperatures will begin to rise as the wind change arrives between the evening of April 25 and the morning of April 26, but will remain between 11 and 16 degrees.

As the weekend arrives, however, Stuttgart, Munich, Frankfurt, Dresden and Berlin will all see temperatures between 20 and 21 degrees. Throughout Sunday and the beginning of the new week, temperatures will continue to rise into the early twenties, before peaking on May 1 and 2. 

According to BBC Weather, on the afternoon of the public holiday on May 1, Dresden will see highs of 27 degrees, while Berlin and Leipzig will peak at 26 degrees. Warm temperatures will persist in the south, with highs of 25 degrees forecast for Munich, while Hamburg will see 24 degrees and Stuttgart a more modest 21 degrees.

Spain and France too cold and Germany too warm

While people in Germany will be feeling the premature arrival of summer temperatures, locals in Spain, France, Italy and Mallorca are seeing unusually cold temperatures for this time of year and heavy rainfall.

But rising global temperatures remain the overall trend, with March 2024 being the tenth month in a row to be the hottest on record, according to the EU-operated Copernicus Climate Change Service. Whether April 2024 will be another record month, remains to be seen.

In climate policy, the April 9 European Court of Human Rights ruling that the current Swiss climate plan violates fundamental human rights, clarifying European states’ legal responsibility to implement effective climate policy, marked a political milestone.

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