Leipzig named as Germany’s “Ultimate Travel Destination”

Leipzig named as Germany’s “Ultimate Travel Destination”

The travel guide Lonely Planet has named the German city of Leipzig as Germany’s “Ultimate Travel Destination” in a new book. 

“Leipzig is cooler than Berlin”

Lonely Planet’s new book, “Ultimate Travel Destinations Germany - Lonely Planet's Top 250 List”, features some of Germany’s most well-known tourist destinations, alongside some lesser-known spots for an incredible vacation. The new travel guide says of Leipzig that “the hype that some say surrounds the city isn’t hype at all: Leipzig really is cooler than Berlin, and hotter than Munich, especially among millennials."

"The city is young, exciting, multi-faceted, sometimes colourful, sometimes grey, with a vibrant liveliness," the guidebook added. Other places featured in the new guidebook include Lake Constance, in second place of the top destinations, and Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg in third place.

Leipzig has a truly interesting history

The travel guide has also highlighted the interesting history of the city: “Everyone wants to go to the city where the anti-GDR demonstrations started," the authors write. "It is the home of Auerbachs Keller (made famous by Goethe and Faust); it’s the city of street art and wave gothic festivals; and its artistic scene at the Baumwollspinnerei is second to none."

People in Leipzig are happy that the city is gaining recognition. Managing director of Leipzig Tourism and Marketing GmbH, Volker Bremer said of the book, "We couldn't ask for a better recommendation...This publication is particularly valuable from a tourism point of view, as the publisher is the world's largest publisher of independent travel and language guides. The travel guides are always carefully researched and appear in almost every country in the world."

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